Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elks & Angels Cuddle Bears are the Best Bear Around!

Every child loves stuffed animals and teddy bears. It’s a fact. The Elk & Angels Cuddle Bear is so much more than your average stuffed animal or teddy bear. Made of all natural materials, it is safe to say this 12” x 10” x 1” flat bear is simply the cutest, gentlest pillow-like bear around! The Cuddle Bear’s breathable, flame-retardant fur is made of 100% pure Australian skeepskin, which is the best sheepskin in the world. Not only is he soft and silky to touch, he is also resistant to dirt, bacteria, odors, and electricity. If this nurturing hypoallergenic bear sounds like a great gift for the child you love (you know it does!), be sure pick one up at lollie, the only store to carry the Cuddle Bear in the Chicagoland area! The Elk & Angels Cuddle Bear is available in three colors, Buttermilk, Honey, and Latte.

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